Cupcakes of HOPE is a Non-Profit Company (NPC 2012/103028/08) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO930053726), and our aim is to raise awareness and funds for families in need of medical assistance, we do this through our love of baking cupcakes...


We have several events during the year but our main event is hosting South Africa's National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer in September. This is an entirely community-driven project and an amazing event that brings the whole community together for an awesome cause! As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we distribute leaflets with the Early Cancer Warning Signs.




Many of you have asked how this project started. I have always loved Oprah's Angel Network and it showed me that we can all make a difference in someone's life. You don't need money, but it you have LOVE and a bit of TIME, you can all make a difference...

In 2009 we had our first fundraiser at our restaurant, Rio Sol Portuguese Restaurant, in Vereeniging. The first year we raised R5 000, the following year R50 000 and so it grew and grew. In 2011, Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer set a NEW WORLD RECORD for the MOST Cupcakes on Display - 21 000. Through this achievement we were able to raise R200 000 for kids with cancer. 


What is even more amazing is that I always knew I would meet Oprah Winfrey one day, I just never realised it would be at our restaurant. Yes, Oprah has been to Rio Sol on three occasions, and I feel honoured that she enjoyed her meals with us.





1. In September 2014 we hosted the 3rd National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer at 55 malls and raised an astonishing

amount of R1,2 Million! Thank you to all our sponsors and amazing Cupcake Angels who baked all the stunning cupcakes

for the event. All your hard work has made a difference in the lives of so many cancer patients already. I can't wait to see Cupcakes of Hope Image 1what God has got planned for us in the future!


2. Meeting so many new Cupcake Angels! You have all been absolute amazing! I thank you all for being so supportive and patient with me. 2013 was a huge learning curve, but you all made it happen – 45 venues all on one day.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  LOL. My new motto was: "I am to blessed to be stressed".

We were blessed with even more dedicated "Venue Co-ordinators" for 2014!


Cupcakes of Hope Image 2


3. The amazing team at Mugg & Bean for raising over R400 000 for Kids with Cancer! Thank you to all the franchisees and staff for supporting our cause. We also loved the fact that the Cancer Warning Signs were place on all the tables during September - Early Detection SAVES lives! 


4. Getting national media coverage (TV news and YOU/Huisgenoot/Finesse/Beeld ect), this helps so much for creating awareness about Childhood Cancer. It still amazes me how many people say "I did not know kids get cancer too"!!!




5. We were invited by Zelda la Grange to be part of the Baby Mark Scott's Golf day where Cupcakes of Hope Image 3we auctioned one Cupcake for R14 000. It is truly amazing how a beautiful cupcake is bound to bring a smile to your face. This has to be South Africa's most expensive cupcake!


6. Being able to assist other charities with the amazing work that they do for children with cancer. We have donated to 14 different charities so far: CANSA, Reach for a Dream, The Sunflower Fund, CHOC, Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Hospice - just to name a few.



7. Breaking Records: We love a challenge and in 2011 we set a NEW World Record for the MOST CUPCAKES ON DISPLAY - 21 000! In July 2013 we celebrated Mr Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday by building the BIGGEST CUPCAKE MOSAIC in the Southern Hemisphere. Our little warriors started packing the Cupcakes in 67 rows from left to right, representing Madiba's 67 years of service to his country.


CupcakesofHope4Our Madiba Mosaic of Madiba's face got amazing international coverage, the TV clips were shown all over the world - London, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Russia, India... The money raised on the day was donated to The Nelson Mandela Childrens Hospital Trust.  In September 2013 Fourways Mall helped create awareness for our cause by building the World's TALLEST Cupcake Tree/Display - 8 meters tall!  

Thank you to all our sponsors and Cupcake Angels for making everything possible!



8. I'm keeping the best for last! HELPING SO MANY MORE CHILDREN in 2014/2015! These amazing little BRAVE warriors are the real HEROS. It is so heart-breaking to see what this terrible disease does to a family. We have seen too many children lose their battle last year. It is difficult to understand WHY this happens and our hearts go out to their families. They will remain my inspiration and my motivation to work harder to make a difference - one cupcake at a time.




Let us all pray that a cure for Cancer is found in the near future...



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Sandy Cipriano







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