In 2011, Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer set a NEW WORLD RECORD for the MOST Cupcakes on DISPLAY – 21 000.
Through this achievement we were able to raise R200 000! These funds were donated to Reach for A Dream, CANSA Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer ImageVereeniging and towards paying for the medical bills of three Cancer patients. 


The biggest lump sum was donated to 14 year old Gerhard, who lost his leg due to Cancer (R60 000 was donated to pay for his new prosthesis). R25 000 was donated to Reef Carneson and R20 000 for Baby Mark Scott. We also used some of the funds to grant some special wishes (a family holiday for a terminally ill child, sports memorabilia for a Cancer Warrior,  a birthday party and gifts for a special 4 year old patient, etc.)



Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer Image 2 The only requirements were that the cupcakes had to be made with LOVE...

And if you have a look at all the cupcakes donated, you will see that they were AMAZING.

We received so many compliments and people said that they could even taste the LOVE in our cupcakes.

In September 2012 we hosted South Africa's first National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer at 20 venues across South Africa. We raised an amazing amount of R507 000! Thank you to all our sponsors and Cupcake Angels that made the event possible! We were also able to hand out over 60 000 leaflets with the Early Childhood Cancer Warning Signs.




 Cupcakes 4 Kids With Cancer Image 3

On the 28th of September 2013 the 2nd National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer was held at 45 malls across South Africa and an astonishing amount of R1,1 Million was raised for children with cancer!


And on the 27th of September 2014 we held the 3rd National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer at a massive 55 malls across South Africa, raising R1,2 Million for children with cancer!


The 26th of September 2015 saw us holidng the 4th National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer at an amazing 70 malls across South Africa, raising a whoppinf R1,5 Million for children fighting cancer!


Save the date for this year's fundraising as the 29th September 2018! See you there! 

To read more about this year's National Cupcake Day, click here... Go check it out!












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